Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise specified on the Purchase Order, the following purchase order clauses shall apply to the supplier for all purchased parts, raw materials, or services. Failure to comply with these and the purchase order requirements may result in return shipment at the supplier’s expense and/or withholding of payment. The supplier is responsible for obtaining and maintaining the applicable issue of all specifications, standards and requirements referenced by the purchase order, drawing or other applicable documents.

Clauses Include:

  • The supplier must establish and maintain a quality system that is approved by KMT.

  • The supplier must use KMT designated or approved external providers including process sources.

  • All discrepancies to the KMT purchase order requirements must be submitted for consideration before shipment. When applicable a supplier on request shall provide root cause and corrective action to any discrepancy. Failure to provide information in a timely manner may result in withholding of payment and/or disqualification of the supplier.

  • The supplier shall ensure that only new and authentic materials are used in materials delivered to KMT. The supplier may only purchase material directly from original manufacturers, manufacturer franchised distributors, or authorized aftermarket manufacturers. Use of material that was not provided by these sources is not authorized unless first approved by KMT in writing.

  • The supplier must also provide notification of any subsequent changes that affect their Quality Management system. Any changes to the supplier’s external providers of services require approval from KMT.

  • The supplier must meet any flow down quality or technical requirements imposed by KMT or our customers and flow down those requirements to their sub-tier suppliers.

  • All shipments made against this purchase order require documentation upon receipt. Unless otherwise specified a Certificate of Conformance is required on all shipments. The C of C must at a minimum include the part number, part revision, purchase order number, and quantity. The C of C must also bear the signature of the authorized representative of the supplier.

  • Unless otherwise specified the supplier shall maintain records pertaining to KMT parts for a minimum of 10 years. Records shall be protected from damage and loss. All records shall be in English and available within 2 business days of request.

  • The product or services delivered on this purchase order shall be accompanied with all applicable certifications. The supplier must maintain lot traceability on all material and parts provided on this purchase order. For any special processes and testing requirements defined by KMT purchase order or specifications, the supplier must provide certifications. The certifications must at a minimum include the specification, specification revision, traceability to the purchase order number and quantity.

  • The supplier’s quality program, inspection system, and manufacturing processes are subject to review and verification by KMT, its customers and regulatory authorities. Right to access to all facilities, at any level of the supply chain, involved in the order fulfillment, and to all applicable records will be granted to KMT, its customers and regulatory authorities as required.

  • The supplier shall recognize that the parts or services provided on this purchase order may be used on aerospace or defense components. The supplier shall ensure that persons within its organization and persons within its supply chain are aware of:
    • *Their contribution to product and service conformity.
    • *Their contribution to product safety.
    • *The importance of ethical behavior.

  • KMT requires from all their External Providers a 90% or better OTD and a 95% or better-Quality Rating.

These terms and conditions have been reviewed and approved by the Management Team of KIHM Metal Technologies.