Our Certifications

At KIHM, we hold ourselves to the highest standards in delivering the best quality services to our customers. We take pride in the quality of our work and are deeply committed to ensuring customer satisfaction, accuracy, and timely project completion. We accomplish this through our stringent adherence to globally recognized standards, certifications, and industry-specific approvals, reflecting our commitment to operational excellence and high-quality results.

Certifications and Approvals

To ensure we provide top-tier quality services, KIHM maintains numerous industry-specific certifications and approvals, including:

ISO 9001:2015 – An international standard dedicated to Quality Management Systems (QMS). It outlines a framework for improving quality and a vocabulary of understanding for any organization looking to provide products and services that consistently meet the requirements and expectations of customers and other relevant interested parties in the most efficient manner possible.

AS9100 D – A widely adopted and standardized quality management system for the aerospace industry. It was released in October 1998 by the Society of Automotive Engineers and the European Association of Aerospace Industries.

NADCAP Laser Certification – NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) certification for laser processes validates our expertise and adherence to stringent aerospace quality standards in all laser-based operations.

NADCAP Welding Certification – This certification validates our exceptional welding procedures and the quality of welds, ensuring compliance with aerospace standards.

Rolls Royce Approval – An industry-specific approval that underscores our ability to meet the stringent quality and performance requirements of one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aero engines for large civil aircraft, defence, and power systems.

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Our Commitment to Quality

At KIHM, quality isn’t just about certifications – it’s woven into our operational DNA. Our teams consistently adhere to our quality management systems throughout the project lifecycle, resulting in work that not only meets but often surpasses client expectations. Our commitment to quality underpins our reputation as a trusted and reliable provider of metal spinning, hydro forming, complex machining, laser technology, welding, and custom fixturing and tooling services.


Choose KIHM for superior quality, precision, and services that deliver on time, every time. Start your journey with KIHM today – your trusted partner in quality and certified metalworking services.

Quality and Certifications with KIHM

Experience unparalleled quality and certified expertise with KIHM. As holders of ISO 9001:2015, AS9100 D, NADCAP Laser, NADCAP Welding certifications, and Rolls Royce approval, we assure you of our commitment to exceptional quality standards. For customers seeking services under “ISO Certified Metalworking,” “NADCAP Certified Laser and Welding Services,” or “AS9100 Certified Metal Spinning Services,” KIHM provides assured quality and precision in every project. We invite you to explore our commitment to quality through our range of certified services. 

Experience the KIHM difference today – a leader in quality and certified metalworking services.