HYrdo Forming Services

Transforming the complex into the simple with our Hydroforming Services! Our method, established since the mid-1950s, employs sheet metal hydroforming by pressing material into a rubber bladder that forms the cavity section of the shape. This flexible rubber diaphragm allows us to create round, square, and irregular shapes, minimizing, and often eliminating, the draw marks usually caused by traditional die forming.

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Our process

Flawless and reliable process

Our hydroforming process ensures the production of high-quality, complex components with reduced processing steps.


Project Planning

Your design, our process! We work closely with you to understand your needs and develop a plan that optimizes manufacturability.



Rapid iteration and refinement! Our team collaborates with yours to create custom tooling and develop prototypes, making adjustments as the design concept evolves.



Less processing, more efficiency! Our hydroforming service provides a streamlined solution for your manufacturing needs, delivering value components with reduced processing steps.

Hyrdo Forming Experts

Discover the cost-effective benefits of hydroforming services at KIHM Metal Technologies. Ideal for creating complex or irregular shapes with flowing radiuses and unique surface contours, our hydroforming services cater to a wide range of metals, with a focus on super alloys or exotic metal forming.

Whether it’s aerospace-specific components like ducts, small shrouds, heat shields, manifolds, or irregular housings, we ensure that our process minimizes draw marks, wrinkling, and shearing, offering a more polished finish. With our laser trimming capabilities, we offer an all-inclusive solution that reduces tooling costs, minimizes heat treatment, and ensures quicker lead times.

Embrace the simplicity of hydroforming with KIHM – your partner in cost-effective, efficient metal forming services.