Laser Services


KIHM utilizes 6-axis Co2 laser technology to provide value added services complimentary to metal forming operations such as hydro forming or metal spinning. Functions such as, hole drilling, trimming, and intricate cut outs are routinely accomplished on KIHM’s Lasers. KIHM’s laser equipment and processes has been NADCAP and customer special process approved.


The key advantage to utilizing is the speed and accuracy at which a laser can cut material, specifically with varying or complex geometry. This allows for quicker and more accurate trimming of formed metal parts, while ensuring no secondary processing is required to be performed to the cut edge of the material.

Equipment List

EquipmentWork Envelope
(8) Metal Spinning MachinesUp to 72" Max Swing
(2) Hydro Form PressesUp to 15" Dia.
(2) Horizontal Machining CentersUp to 64" x 50" x 32"
(11) Vertical Machining CentersUp to 84" x 30" x 40"
(2) 5-Axis Machining CentersUp to 35" x 30" x 25"
(11) CNC Turning CentersUp to 33" Swing
(2) C02 Lasers (Laserdyne 780)36" x 29" x 29"
(3) Coordinate Measuring MachinesUp to 48" x 80" x 40"
(4) PressesUp to 300 Ton & 48" x 60" Bed
(1) Wire EDM11" x 15"
(1) Plasma Seam Welder48" Length
(1) Plasma Circumferential Welder36" Dia.

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