About Us

KIHM’s foundation lies in our commitment to our Team Members, Customers, and Community. We strive to build value not only on the books, but in the lives of all the people KIHM touches. The core of our business is driven by set of values that all team members must live out daily, we use them to guide the strategy and execution of our business.  

We want our customers to view KIHM as their go-to “guy.” Whether it’s a quote, a question, or maybe a second opinion, KIHM is happy to share their knowledge even if it doesn’t mean a purchase order. None of us is as a smart of all of us and KIHM truly believes getting to know our customer’s, their applications, and even their customer's application in a collaborative environment is the best way to create lasting partnerships. Not sure how to do something? You've got a partner at KIHM.

What truly drives us is that moment, in those collaborative discussions when the team has an "a-ha" moment and we start to see how a metal forming/fabrication application can provide a best value solution for our customer.

* Our mission is to provide customers with solutions by maintaining a culture committed on continuous improvement of processes, products and services, and on time delivery needs.
* We commit to comply with customer requirements through product conformity and compliance.
* We commit to continuous improvement on the effectiveness of the quality management system.