KIHM specializes in the precision manufacturing of exotic and super alloy-based components but has the flexibility to work with a variety of other metals. Our core capabilities lie not only in our equipment, but also our incredible people. The KIHM team has the experience and knowledge to most effectively utilize multiple disciplines of metalworking methodologies, to not only produce, but also provide key design for manufacture inputs for our customers. Across the various metal working methodologies, KIHM's ability to work with exotic and super alloys (as well as other types of metals) is best in class.

Foundational to KIHM's success is the integration of this knowledge with the right technology and equipment. KIHM's continued investment in people, technology, and equipment allow for a world class organization in support of our customers.

Equipment List


Work Envelope
(8) Metal Spinning MachinesUp to 72" Diameter
(2) Hydro Form PressesUp to 15" Dia.
(2) Horizontal Machining CentersUp to 64" x 50" x 32"
(11) Vertical Machining CentersUp to 84" x 30" x 40"
(2) 5-Axis Machining CentersUp to 35" x 30" x 25"
(11) CNC Turning CentersUp to 33" Diameter
(1) C02 Laser (Laserdyne 780)36" x 29" x 29"
(1) 4000W Fiber Laser (Laserdyne 811)41.5" x 31.5" x 24"
(3) Coordinate Measuring MachinesUp to 48" x 80" x 40"
(3) PressesUp to 300 Ton & 48" x 60" Bed
(1) Wire EDM11" x 15"
(1) Plasma Seam Welder48" Length
(1) Plasma Circumferential Welder36" Dia.


KIHM is committed to exceeding our customer’s expectations when it comes to the quality of their products.  KIHM is an AS9100D certified company to ensure compliance to product requirements and the highest levels of metrology and validation accuracy.  Additionally, KIHM has received multiple NADCAP Certifications as well as customer specific special process endorsements.